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A Visit from an Inspector

Last week, Apex received a visit from the Ontario College of Trades for an inspection. We are proud to share that our business is 💯 compliant and operates with 🙅‍♂️ violations.

Fund the Fight

EMBARGOED UNTIL OCTOBER 14. Hartley Bernier strikes a strong pose for the new “VS” campaign at SickKids Hospital launching Oct 15. Hartley has Hirschsprungís disease, a blockage of the large intestine.

We’re loudly and proudly announcing that Apex is officially a SickKids monthly donor! We love the new ‘Sick isn’t weak’ campaign and can definitely empathize those heart-wrenching moments. Our little SickKids warrior spent the first 21 days in the hospital but is turning a healthy 2 years old next month! We are deeply empowered by SickKids’ strength over sadness message and hope you can help them win the fight…because a childhood is worth fighting for. #sickkidsmomstrong

He Did It!

Woohoo! Congrats to Francisco for passing his CofQ exam and graduating at the top of his class! Apex now officially (and proudly) operates under two fully licensed techs. What a great way to kick off the long weekend. Be safe, and see you back on Tuesday everyone!

Your experience is our highest priority!

We sincerely value the opinion of our clients and would love to hear your feedback about our services. Please take a moment to share your experience on our Facebook or Google Plus page. Thank you!


Turtle-Turtle’s New Home

Turtle-Turtle has found its new foster home at Apex Auto!